Маленький Моцарт (xfqybr) wrote,
Маленький Моцарт

Слушал 25.1 - 3.02.2013

Varèse. Déserts, Ionisation, Amériques, Arcana
Gulda. Concerto For Cello & Windband
King Crimson. Earthbound, Red, Three Of A Perfect Pair, Discipline
Weber. Quintett Fu¨R Klarinette, Zwei Violinen, Viola Und Violoncello. Klaviersonate Nr.3 D-Moll
Xénakis. Naama, Khoai, Komboi, A l'lle de Gorée
Hindemith. Quartett Fu¨R Klarinette, Violine, Violoncello Und Klavier. Violin sonatas
Bacewicz. Piano Quintet No.2
Schumann. Scenes from Goethe's Faust
Brahms. Violin Sonata #3 In D Minor
Schubert. Piano Trio #1 In B Flat
Salonen. 5 Images After Sappho. Mania. Giro
Ives. Symphony #4, 3 Places In New England
Szymanowski. Des Hafis Liebeslieder. Seven songs Op. 54. Six chants de la princesse des contes de f?e. Vier ges?nge Op. 41
Andriessen. Writing To Vermeer - Scene 2
Tags: Зальцбург, Лада, Слушал
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