Маленький Моцарт (xfqybr) wrote,
Маленький Моцарт

Слушал 25 - 31.01.2016

Adams. Century Rolls. Saxophone Concerto
Kalevi Aho. Quintet for clarinet and string quartet. Trio for clarinet, Violin and Piano. Kiinalaisia lauluja (Chinese Songs)
Julian Anderson. Symphony. Book of Hours
Bach. Suite No.6 in D major, BWV 1012
Benjamin. Duet for Piano & Orchestra. Written on Skin
Biber. Battalia a 10
Boulez. Structures pour deux pianos - Livre I
Dutilleux. Symphony No. 1. Mystere De L'Instant (twice)
Eisler. Lenin, Requiem
Janacek. Choral Works
Jethro Tull. Nightcap - The Chateau D'Isaster Tapes. Catfish Rising. Heavy Horses. Songs From The Wood. The Beacons Bottom Tapes
Hartmann. Adagio (2.Sinfonie). Symphony No. 7
Hindemith. Apparebit repentina dies
Lieberson. Ziji
Lokshin. Symphony No.8 (Pushkin: Songs of Western Slavs)
Maderna. Liriche Su Verlaine
Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy. Rondo brillant, Op.29, for Piano and Orchestra
Meyer. Quintett für Streichquartett und Kontrabass
Roussel. Le Bardit Des Francs For 4 Part Of Male Chorus And Fanfare
Saariaho. Terra memoria. Emilie Suite. Cinq Reflets
Schoeck. Notturno
Vacchi. String Quartets
Vogel. Arpiade nach Gedichten von Hans Arp
Webern. Passacaglia, Op. 1 (Arr. Reinbert de Leeuw)
Richard Wernick. Quartet No. 4
Frank Zappa. Uncle Meat. Apostrophe. Sleep Dirt
Tags: mozart week, Зальцбург, Кристиан и Ингрид, Слушал

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